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Veterans United March
Fall 2019 Currently Postponed Until October 2020 Do To Family Emergency
  Downtown St. Louis, Missouri
Rain or Shine
 Please See Information Below:

(Public Event, you don't need to be a veteran to participate) Please Join Us : Please use #VeteransUnitedMarch


                       Veterans United March 2019 Walk/Outreach Currently Postponed Do To Family Emergency/Health Issues With Child, We Are Planning Fall 2020.

    March/Walk starts at 12pm

                                                   Please Refresh your web browsers to see latest updates


     We're always updating information on our website, we are in the process of adding a few things to help make this Saturday (maps, parking, etc) as easy as possible. So if you've visited our website before please refresh your web browsers. If you're using a phone, you can swipe your phone down to refresh your web browsers, or from a laptop please hold the "ctrl" (control button) and hit refresh manually to refresh your web browsers, so that you have the most updated/latest information.  For some reason if you're using a laptop, even if you refresh the page, it's not refreshing unless you hold do a manual refresh by holding down the "ctrl" button while hitting refresh, when we get time we're hoping to build something that will automatically refresh the webpage, but until then please manually refresh each page, thank you. I noticed that I had to manually refresh all the pages to see latest updates/information, for example March Day Info, Directions, Maps, etc. In the event of Severe weather if we have to reschedule, we will update our social media pages and website as soon as possible if that happens.

For those wishing to purchase (they're not mandatory to participate) 2018 Veterans United March t-shirts you have until Friday September 28th 2018 to put your order to recieve the shirt before October 6th, it's on the secure online store link below. Instant Imprints is a local veteran owned business in O'Fallon, MO. They've sent us a secure link which is through their store for those wanting a shirt. If you have any questions please feel free to contact them.

We are a grassroots group so we do not have funding for TV commercials and ads, so we appreciate your help spreading the word about Veterans United March, outreach and rally. We have used our own funds to run a few ads on Twitter and Facebook (not many) to help spread the word, but we appreciate all the word of mouth and help we can get letting folks know about this event. Thank you!

There is a "Help button" under the "Helpful Info button" that has some contact information, such as the Veterans Crisis Line, Veterans organizations, American Red Cross for making Emergency contact with your servicemember and a few other things.  Thank you, and thank you for your service!

The Veterans United March is being held Saturday, October 6th, 2018 starting at 12pm/noon.

Veterans United March is a nonpartisan/grassroots event being held Saturday, October 6th 2018 at Luther Ely Smith Square/park in Downtown St. Louis (near the Arch, North 4th and Market Street) Missouri. The march/walk will start at 12pm, we will meet at the flag pole across the street from the Old Courthouse in Luther Ely Smith Square/Smith Square (detailed maps on maps page, etc) for those unable to walk that far but who are still wanting to show up for support, there are some benches and shade trees in the areas we have, but we also encourage you to bring your lawn chairs if needed too. There are some benches scattered throughout Luther Ely Smith Square/Park, also near the museum entrance to the Arch there are benches surrounding a circular fountain/infinity pool. Everyone is welcome to participate, you do not have to be a veteran to attend. We are hoping to bring awareness to issues affecting veterans, military, and their families, while also providing information as an outreach to help one-another.

The main staging area will be Luther Ely Smith park/Arch grounds as that is our main headquarters for this event, and for those who wish to march we will leave Luther Ely Smith park/Arch grounds at 12pm/Noon and march up Chestnut street towards Soldiers Memorial and return back by looping down Market street and returning to Luther Ely Smith square onto the Arch grounds, march around the Arch and then place our flags back in the truck next to Luther Ely Smith and return to the main area, this way everyone is included, and knows about what is in happening real-time. Soldiers Memorial is still under renovation until after our event, closer to Veterans day, also they have redone the St. Louis Arch grounds, the entrances to the Arch and Luther Ely Smith park is near where this has all taken place. The weather forecast for Saturday, October 6th 2018 is above normal temperatures, in the 80's (they keep changing it) but the rain is suppossed to stay north and west of our area until late afternoon/evening, there are chances of storms then, but our walk/march starts at 12pm/noon, so we will be finished with everything before storms come in.

Here are a few links, but there's more information on other pages on the website. We have not posted any of the new pictures on the website yet of how the new makeover is, but it is very spacious and will accomodate everyone. We do have a permit for our event and have been talking to the Federal Parks office and the City of St. Louis Special Events office, we will be at Luther Ely Smith Park/Arch grounds on Saturday October 6th 2018. If for any reason something major happens such as severe weather, etc, we will update our social media and website. There are restrooms and water fountains on the main level of the Arch museum, also at the Old Courthouse. There is no shuttle service to the Arch, but there is 2 drop-off locations for cars and buses on the sides of Luther Ely Smith Square. There are many garages, parking lots and areas to park within walking distance, but closest garage is the Kiener East garage and Busch Stadium East garage. There are over 2,600 vacant spaces available at garages on most days, plus there is plenty of surface parking around the city streets and parking lots as well. The Arch museum is free to the public, it does cost to ride to the top of the Arch in the tram, but there is a replica of the "Keystone piece" Arch complete with windows looking east and west, that has live webcams where you can view everything just like you would be 630 feet up at the top of the Arch. Also there is now a landbridge over the top of Interstate 44, so you can walk directly from Luther Ely Smith square over to the Arch now.

This is a link to the National Park Service, it has maps and where we will be meeting at on this Saturday, October 6th 2018 at 12pm on the Maps, Directions, and March Day Info pages. There is a more detailed map of the entire area on the Maps page, under the 1st map of the area you will see a National Park Service link/pdf that will show you the area even more defined, we will be meeting at area 5 on the map, which is directly across from the Old Courthouse near the flag pole in Luther Ely Smith Square, which the Arch and river sits directly behind.

There's links to Soldiers Memorial and a few websites with info/pictures/maps of the area on different pages on the website. Thank you.

We have permits and have been in contact with Federal and City, but we need to give updates on our attendance calculations closer to the date. We do have a Facebook event that you can mark as attending.  We know there are many groups, nonprofits that help, but sometimes we're just unaware of each other, we're trying to bridge that divide. If you belong to an organization or group and would like to set-up a table please feel free to reach out. We're trying to bring our resources together in a central location to help one another in our communities and throughout our Country while bringing public awareness to issues affecting veterans, military and their families.

 We'd like to make sure every veteran who is unaware of what a VSO (Veteran's Service Officer, accredited through the VA, to help you with appeals, hearing aids, etc) is aware of these benefits and services to one another, as often many don't know what to do if they're in need of help, or how to go about it, it's free of charge so don't ever let anyone charge you, it is free of charge to all US Veterans, families, survivors, and to many are unaware of how this system works, or how to go about getting anything done. We have several Veterans' issues that are affecting our communities, there's a host of things. We're going to get some tables up with folks who can help, this will be available at Luther Ely Smith park (we will keep it updated if it changes) please make sure to refresh your web browser closer to the event on October 6th, 2018. Also I'd recommend anytime you come back to the website to refresh your browser on each page, just to be on the safe side. We have invited other Veteran/Military groups to join us and set-up a table too, and we're hoping to bring public awareness to what is going on in our daily lives and struggles even.

We will muster/meet in Luther Ely Smith Park/Arch grounds to since Soldiers Memorial is under renovation, and if for some reason there is a delay in law enforcement showing up, we are all in the same place and know where one another are. There will be some folks who are unable to physically do the march, and that's okay, we're thankful for the support. There will also be folks in attendance at some of the tables and our set-up at the Rally point too. We will hold a brief rally after the march in that same area with speakers and information, we will tables there and everything as mentioned too. We will have law enforcement in attendance for everyone's safety participating, commuters so they're not inconvenienced, to help direct/divert traffic and block roads as needed when we come through marching, and to help make sure everything is peaceful and non-violent.


Please help us bring attention and spread awareness of our Mission by using this hashtags #VeteransUnitedMarch #STL and #CampZulu when posting on social media and so forth. Our hashtags  #VeteransUnitedMarch #CampZulu as they'll bring attention to the Veterans United March, Saturday, October 6th, 2018, 12pm/Noon, at Luther Ely Smith Square/Park Downtown St. Louis, MO. March begins at noon head up Chestnut towards Soldiers Memorial 1315 Chestnut, St. Louis, cross 14th street and march east on Market street and cross over 4th street back to the St. Louis Westward National Expansion at Luther Ely Smith Square/park which is located at 11 North 4th street, St. Louis, MO 63102. Don't forget to visit the Camp Zulu table and give your ideas to share with us too please.

Thank you for you Service, and hope to see you there!

In Honor and Remembrance of our Fallen Brothers and Sisters who gave the "Ultimate Sacrifice".

  "Always Remember The Price Of Freedom Is Not Free"

Thank You